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In today's world of globalization and price pressures, it's imperative that your enterprise resource planning systems offer business-specific solutions with industry experience built in. This is true whether you produce goods made from distinct parts and components such as automobiles, electronics, and machinery or goods made by blending ingredients such as foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

The ERP Solutions Advantages:
By organizing information and automating business processes across the entire enterprise, Intuitive ERP builds flexibility and control into every facet of your business environment and increases the quality and visibility of the information you need to make more profitable decisions.

ERP Solutions on Cloud:

Dss Solutions offers Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics on cloud.

The Enterprise Business Intelligence is a generalized term applied to a broad category of

The ERP Solutions Key Benefits:

  • Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency
  • Gain better visibility of transactions across the enterprise
  • Make better business decisions
  • Deliver the right product at the right time
  • Keep your customers satisfied
  • Enhance your IT infrastructure

The Dss Solutions Competitive Edge providing ERP Solutions:
As an ERP solutions vendor, Dss Solutions offers a variety of ERP solutions that help companies in a wide spectrum of subsectors automate, plan, collaborate, and execute according to their unique business requirements. Built on an open, flexible, service-oriented architecture (SOA) with modern, web-based user interfaces, our partners scalable ERP solutions never lock you in to one mode of operating. Instead, they offer a breadth of functionality that enables you to automate key operation and financial processes, meet fluctuating customer demand and compliance requirements, and collaborate internally as well as externally across your supply chain-all at a low total cost of ownership.

At Dss Solutions, our ERP solutions offerings provide your organization with direct access to the seamless Enterprise Integrated solutions that will help you respond quickly to emergent business opportunities and rapidly changing market trends. With our hybrid dedicated ERP & SOA teams with years of experience, Dss Solutions ERP & SOA solutions frameworks can be customized to address your domain-specific requirements.

We have extensive experience in the Utility, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom and Government industries. Such varied domain experience, along with our alliance with global vendors in the field and cross-technology competency drive your information Integration from a departmental to an enterprise-wide initiative. As an end-to-end service provider, we consult, architect, integrate and manage your ERP operations to ensure that you stay ahead in today's competitive business environment.

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